Founder & Lead Designer

Marko prefers the hands-on approach to design and build projects. He is actively involved in all projects, working collaboratively with architects, designers, engineers, and builders, from concept design to construction. He has a genuine desire to understand his client’s needs and values and approach each project through the eyes of the client.

Marko Kovac, Founder of Kovac Design & Build, received his Bachelor of Interior Architecture and Master of Interior Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. He began his career as an intern architect in Belgrade, collaborating on various projects and constructions on houses and industrial and commercial buildings. After his undergraduate studies, he began exploring construction and production methodologies, handling several projects including personally remodeling home interiors. Later, he began coordinating flooring projects and working closely with skilled trade workers during the construction processes to develop thorough and fully realized designs.

Co-Founder & Designer

The spaces that Stefan designs are a reflection of his beliefs of equality and incorporates this mentality through the application of universally designed spaces that are usable by everybody, regardless of their level of ability. Stefan has a strong design flare and emphasizes practical yet beautiful design.

Stefan Kovac, Co-Founder and Designer of Kovac Design & Build, completed his undergraduate degree in Environmental Design at OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario. Stefan has experience working in various renowned architecture and landscape architecture firms and most recently has worked in a project management type role in the public sector.

Stefan enjoys the hand-on approach of small residential projects and enjoys seeing ideas come to life.

Our process

In this phase of the design process, the team and its consultants work closely with clients to identify and prioritize their goals and needs. We raise key design issues, understand the problems clients have with their project(s), and explore options based on their budget and timeframe.
The primary goal of this phase is to translate clients’ goals and requirements into preliminary drawings. The design team prepares various design options using sketches to help clients visualize their project(s). These designs will help establish a starting point for the project(s) and many ideas will be discussed, reviewed, and refined.
More detailed drawings are made with floor plans, elevations, and sections, types of materials, and room finishes during this phase.  The details of the methods used during the building phase are also discussed with the client(s).
The team works closely with a family of reliable subcontractors with whom they have developed trusting relationships through the years. They also work very closely with the client during this phase to ensure that they are satisfied on all levels. The team monitor costs and timeframe and are onsite to assist in delivering the clients’ design needs and vision effectively and efficiently.